Environmental law generally covers any legal issue that involves the environment. This could include air, ground and water pollution. Environmental law also intersects with other fields such as farming & agriculture, animal husbandry, oil & gas, and mining. Usually, private litigation in this field results when one party believe that their environmental interests have been damaged or are threatened by another party. For example, if one party spills oil or releases poisonous gases onto another party's property, this may result in environmental litigation. If you need guidance or legal representation with an environmental law dispute, contact Runyowa Law.

We have a long history of taking on legal cases to help protect individuals and communities and to strengthen environmental laws and policies. Runyowa Law is your trusted partner when it comes to managing environmental risk, including undertaking environmental due diligence, ensuring environmental regulatory compliance, preventing and defending against regulatory prosecutions, pursuing or defending environmental civil claims, structuring transactions involving environmental risk, and keeping up with this fast-moving area of the law.

We Are Your Guide Through the Changing Regulatory Environment

Right from assisting you in structuring and understanding deals with environmental risks and environmental due diligence to protecting your rights in civil environment claims, or complying with defending against, or appealing orders from regulators, we are with you to take care of your environmental and regulatory compliance needs.

The Area of Environmental Law in Regina We Cover:

We help you dig below the surface to uncover issues before they affect your business. Our Environmental Law team in Regina have extensive experience with all the contaminated property and environmental claims.  

  • Wetland issues  

  • Renewable energy projects 

  • Environmental assessment 

  • Environmental civil litigation 

  • Environmental compliance 

  • Environmental liabilities in bankruptcy and insolvency 

  • Advocacy before administrative environmental tribunals 

  • Contaminated land/brownfield redevelopment 

  • Land acquisitions, development and sale 

  • Transactional environmental due diligence 

  • Climate Change – emissions regulation advice 

  • Emission control and abatement (GHG, CO2e) 

  • Nuisance-type claims (e.g. odour, noise, dust) 





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