Dedicated Civil Law Firm in Regina

Runyowa Law is a Regina-based law firm. It provides civil litigation and other legal services to clients mostly in southern Saskatchewan but also across the province. Runyowa Law's areas of practice include personal injury, labour & employment, defamation, contract disputes, agriculture law, construction disputes and disputes before administrative tribunals. For a full listing of practice areas, refer to the "Practice Areas" tab.

Options for retaining and paying for legal services

Lawyers generally bill in three ways. They can charge an hourly rate, a flat fee, or on a contingency basis. The option they choose tends to depend on the nature of the lawyer's practice and preference. 

Contingency Retainers

A contingency retainer is an arrangement where the client pays nothing if the lawyer does not win a monetary settlement or award. The lawyer gets paid a percentage of any monetary compensation obtained for the client. Therefore, contingency agreements are best for clients with good cases but who cannot afford to pay for legal services. This is common for areas such as personal injury law and others. However, contingency agreements are not suitable for cases where the client's desired outcome ideas not involve a monetary compensation. For example, an application asking the courts to prevent someone from doing something (injunction) would not produce a monetary settlement if successful.

Runyowa Law provides legal services based on all three methods of billing. The chosen method will depend on the case. However, in all cases, the goal is to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective option.





**DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is for reference purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice or a contract for legal services with Runyowa Law. If you need formal legal advice in a covered practice area, please contact Runyowa Law at 1-306-206-2800