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Personal injury law deals with situations where an individual is injured  by the acts of another. The law recognizes and compensates for physical and psychological/emotional harm. Also, in personal injury law, the loss of income, livelihood and expenses incurred can also be compensated.

In most jurisdiction across Canada, injuries that happen in the workplace or in motor vehicles have their own systems of compensation. For example, the workers compensation laws of most provinces are "no-fault". This means that an employee who is injured in the workplace cannot sue their employer, even if employer negligence was involved. Instead the system provides for guaranteed payment of modest benefits to the injured worker as well as re-training and medical care where necessary. The no-fault automobile laws of many provinces also place limits on how much you can recover if you are injured in an accident. Therefore,  workplace and road-related injuries are two examples of where recovery of damages for personal injury through civil litigation is limited by law.

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